MAKHOVA  LARISA  has graduated at Moscow Art-Industrial Highschool with a specialization in Design.
During study in Institute consisted in a student's society "Jeweller stones" where has got the first operational experience with metal, jeweller stones and enamels.
With 1973 on 1989 worked as the designer on manufacture on designing the industrial equipment and interiors of offices and simultaneously took a great interest in jeweller art.
Since 1981 she is a member of the Moscow Association of the Union of Artists.
Larisa cooperates with the jeweller enterprises. A number of projects of cast works in silver and gold have been created.
On a threshold of the fortieth anniversary Larisa has received REVELATION as a result of which there was a new recognition of world around and the place of her in it.
WHO ARE ALL OF US? WHAT ARE WE HERE FOR? WHERE ARE WE GOING? These are the questions on which the artist tries to answer with the help of her works.
Since 1997 -2006 Larisa annually participates in international symposiums on enamel, painting and graphics in Hungary.
During 1999 - 2002 Larisa participated in exhibitions "From the sketch to performance" in the House of Actor, developed the concept of the theatrical representation which consists in creation of harmony of music, movements and colours by means of use of projections of graphic images.
In 1997 Larisa developed a graphic idea of dummies for demonstration of jeweller works. She participated in decoration of exhibitions and showrooms.
In 1999 she organized a personal exhibition in the German House with a concert and representation of poets, singers and musicians in direct translation on Internet. One of the first sites on propagation of Art by means of Internet has been created.
Larisa organized a series of personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Her works were shown at Moscow, All-Russia and International exhibitions in Poland, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Spain.
In 2005 she participated in the exhibition “25 Artists of Russia” in Paris, Gallery “Shadow and Light”.
In 2006 Larisa participated in the exhibition "Spring Interior - 2006" – a competition of women-artists of Russia. The same year - participation in the Third Moscow exhibition "Semi-precious stones of Russia”..