1997 - Main Prize of the International centre of enamel in Kecskemet (Hungary).
1998 - Gratitude of Management on cultural communications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for the personal exhibition, devoted to A.S.Pushkin.
1999 - Prize of the Russian chamber of highly artistic manufactures for a series of jeweller works "Picasso" at autumn exhibition "Spring interior - 99 ".
2000 - Medal “Winner of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre” for participation in the All-Russia action “We Take with us in the Third millennium”.
2001 - Gratitude of information centre of the United Nations for participation in the exhibition "Symphony in painting ".
2001 - Diploma of VI Artiada of people of Russia with award of an honorary title “Winner of VI Artiada” in a nomination "Internet" for creation of an art virtual exhibition:
2002 - Diploma of the exhibition “Russian miracle” for a cycle of pictures and jewels in techniques of hot enamel.
2003 - Diploma of "Ornaments for the new century” of VIII International competition of jeweller art “Jeweller Olympus” (St.-Petersburg).
2003 - Diploma of II Moscow exhibition “Semi-precious stones of Russia”.
2004 - Diploma of the Anniversary exhibition “Symphony of semi-precious stones” for an embodiment of a theme of love in art.
2004 - Diploma of the winner of creative competition of women-artists of Russia “Spring Interior – 2004” in a nomination “Jeweller Art” for the complete set of jeweller ornaments.
2004 – Diploma of VII Artiada of people of Russia for high creative achievements in the fine arts.
2005 - Gratitude for contribution to development of the international cultural communications between France and Russia.
2005 - Diploma of the participant of the exhibition "Jeweller Olympus" (St.-Petersburg).
2006 - Diploma for participation in the Third Moscow exhibition "Semi-precious stones of Russia”.
2006 - Diploma of creative competition of women-artists of Russia for a decorative enamel panel "Intrigues" and "Dreams of the Native Land" on the exhibition "Spring Interior - 2006".

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